Where are you located?

Our shops are in Nederland and Beaumont, TX, about 100 miles east of Houston.

What are your shipping policies?

We ship to the United States with flat rate shipping.  Orders over $100 automatically receive free shipping! 
Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally at this time.

Are your ingredients organic?

Almost every ingredient that we use in our products is certified organic.  A few ingredients in our bases (lotions, facial cleansers, etc.) contain gentle preservatives, but we are working to transition to using only organic ingredients.  Check our product descriptions for ingredients!

What kind of essential oils do you use?

The essential oils that we sell and use in our products are certified organic and therapeutic-grade. 
While they are safe for external and aromatherapeutic use, we do not recommend ingesting any essential oil.

Can you make customized products?

Absolutely!  Almost every one of our products are handmade in our shops, so if we have the ingredients, we can make it! 
Message us here on our website chat, send us a DM on Facebook or Instagram, or give us a ring at one of our shops to give us your specifications.

How long will it take to make my order?

We are making product every day to keep our inventory consistently stocked.  Sometimes we will run out of a specific herb or oil however, and that can extend production time.  Also, if we have a large order that exceeds our inventory, we will have to make another batch to fulfill that order. 

Turnaround time can vary depending on the product, such as:
bar soaps take 3-5 weeks to cure once poured, lotions can be made within the day, and bath bombs are only made on Tues, Thurs and Fridays.

We will always contact you immediately if there are delays regarding your order!

Do you sell CBD oil?

We do!  Down To Earth is a registered distributor of Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil, the #1 brand of CBD products in the nation.  We carry their CBD Oil, CBD Gummies, CBD Balm, CBD Cream, and even Paws CBD Oil for Pets.

To place your order, give us a call Mon – Fri 10am – 6pm CST at (409) 722-1393 and ask for Samantha!

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